Santeno Irrigation Hoses


Santeno is the exclusive manufacturer of polyethylene hose for localized micro sprinkler irrigation (small water intensity with high frequency). Always innovating with quality products and for various applications, Santeno allows an intelligent and environmentally friendly irrigation to the plantations with water savings and lower cost benefit. With Santeno you can save up to 50% on the electricity bill 50% on the water bill The hoses produced by Santeno guarantee uniformity in irrigation, water and energy savings, high durability, easy management, adaptation to different areas and various types of crops, allowing irrigation by gravity, because it works with low pressure, higher pressure and micragem. SANTENO I Hose ideal for irrigating pastures, lawns and vegetables Micro-jets of water upwards, irrigating 100% of the area, having a radius of up to 2.50 m on each side. SANTENO II Hose ideal for irrigation of fruit trees and flowers. Micro-jets directed laterally at 45° from the ground, with a radius of reach of up to 2.0m on each side. SANTENO III Hose ideal for irrigation of tobacco and flowers. Micro-jets of water directed towards the ground, with a radius reach of up to 1.8 m each side. SANTENO PRO Hose for professional and large-scale irrigation. SANTENO PEPPER The only hose with an exclusive direction for chili pepper irrigation. SANTENO GARDEN Easy to irrigate your garden, vegetable garden and lawn.