10.CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR BALDR centrifugal separator separates particles o f different densities by gravity & centrifugal force principle s. The filter has outstanding performance for large particles filtration. It’s made o f PA mat erial t o resistant c orrosion, acid, rust and alk aline, which gr eatly e xtends its lif etime. It is disas sembled easily and c onvenient for maint enance and cleaning. TYPICAL APPLICATION Well Water Filtration: The filter c an quickly filter the sand and gravels when the water is drawn from deep w ell by the pump at the beginning. Irrigation System: If water source comes from rivers and lak es, it is nec essary t o firstly use centrifugal filt er t o shake out the sand and gr avels as a fir st-stage filtration process. Model number: BCF050/080/100100HSB Connections:Flange 2”,3”, 4” Max flow: 30/50/100 m3/h Tanl capacity : 16/16/27L Weight:13.5/17.5/28 kg
BALDR TECHNOLOGY CO LTDFounded in October 2012, Baldr specializes in the R&D, design, manufacturing and global sales of irrigation water treatment products and irrigation smart control products.With a powerful R&D team composed of more than 40 superior engineers, serving for different parts including the software, electronic hardware, mechanical structure and industrial appearance design etc. Baldr focuses on the research of disc water filtration technology, valve control technology, environmental monitoring technology and auto control technology, then applies all to agricultural irrigation, municipal & landscape irrigation and garden irrigation products.In accordance with the high standards of production and manufacturing requirements, Baldr had built a 24,000㎡ production and manufacturing base, which consists of mold & injection department, stamping and sheet metal department, SMT Patch binding department, silk screen printing workshop and finished products assembly workshop. It has the capacity of 600,000 annual output of different filters, auto back-flush filtration systems, control valves and smart controllers. And we have obtained ISO 9001:2000 quality management system & BSCI certification.At Baldr, we devote ourselves to the development and manufacture of environmentally water-saving smart control products with the strength of technological innovation, so that people can be more harmonious with the environment, and people can enjoy a better, more convenient and smarter life. This is also our mission that Baldr has always adhered to since its establishment. Baldr will adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation and development, customer orientation, speed and passion, credibility and integrity ", with "technological innovation" as its core competitiveness. We aim to build Baldr into a leading international enterprise focusing on water-saving and environmental protection smart control products.